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G100 - Prism-Gage™


The PRISM-GAGE™ is a right angle prism with precision measurement lines inscribed on one face of the prism. When viewing through the PRISM-GAGE™, these graduated lines are superimposed on the turf so the viewer may measure the actual height of the turfgrass and thus be able to compare it with mower bench settings. The observer may also inspect the quality of cut by comparing the turf over the viewing plane of the prism.

Lines are insribed at .100, .200, .300, .400, .500, .750, 1.0 and 1.5 inch. The lines appear superimposed on the turf enabling the observer to determine actual height of cut. By slightly tilting the prism, a larger overveiw of the turf may be viewed in order to observe the “quality” of cut.

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